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This mold infestation at the transfer from the wall to the window can be completely extracted with the BMB© process.


Mold grown over many decades can be removed from the material of the cellar tube without residue using the BMB© process.


Behind a wall paneling made of wood developed large-scale mold infestation. The BMB© process completely removes all mold material from the wall. 


Turned from a moldy paradise into a bathroom with the patented BMB© process. Wall, ceiling, tile joints, even the silicone seal are now mold-free.


Befor the heating season, with the BMB© process mold removal, this area is now free of residues of harmful or toxic microorganisms.



Successful cleaned with the BMB© process.


Heavy moldy storage areas can be reused thanks BMB© process.


Pool cleaning with the BMB© process can be done in a few hours.


Thanks to the BMB© process, a moldy historic cellar tube becomes a representative event space. 


Pool cleaning with the BMB© method, and summer can start.



Large attic infested with mold, no problem for the BMB© process


Successful mold / algae extraction from an insulating facade. An important sapect was the complete and damage free colour preservation of the company logo. Balancing with the patentet BMB© procedure can be carried out in the middle of the urban area! We assure the highest safty of the environment! Guaranteed and without damaging high pressure systems! 



Microbiological rehabilitation of a natural water pool with sheet lining. After a few years already, the basin was completely covered with a closed biofilm in layer contamination with heavy (up to 1.5 mm) lime deposits. Since the operation of the pool can only be ensured with complete freedom from phosphate of the sheet, beside the application of the BMB® method, decalcification and removal of phosphates were performed, too.

The pool is now sustainably rehabilitated, and there is nothing to prevent water fun anymore!


Mold removal in a basement up to 1.5 meters of room height. Since the basement is directly adjacent to an open staircase, an odor trap was installed following completion of the mold removal according to BMB®.

The entire basement can now be used without restrictions, and the enormous odor nuisance for the building is a thing of the past.


Within the scope of bathroom renovations, a clearly delimited, visible formation of mold over the entire surface was detected after taking down the mirror. The tile joints in the area were molded through.

After completion of the BMB® method, the entire area – including the tile joints – was free from mold! Except for a small area directly above the tiled section, the color could be maintained.



An extensively moldy exposed concrete ceiling was successfully treated with the patented BMB method.

The open pores achieved after completion of the process resulted in fast drying of the entire material and thus prevented the new formation of mold!

Within the scope of the 1st Dross Mold Day, a partially algae-covered façade of an old building was treated with the patented BMB method.

Complete removal of the embedded organic material was achieved.


No paintwork necessary! Algae were sustainably removed from the insulated façade with the patented BMB method. Following completion, no paintwork was necessary, since the façade returned to its original color and cleanliness.

The complete algae removal massively increased the value of the entire building!


Comprehensive mold rehabilitation of a laundry room. Due to a combination of temperatures below the dew point and too high air humidity, the affected wall areas showed extensive growth of black mold. In sections, the wall paint was destroyed by the mold activities, therefore paint detachment could not be prevented. However, the rehabilitation only comprised scraping off of the detached paint and subsequent painting of the affected areas.

This cannot be done any more gently!

Complete and fast full rehabilitation of a shower in a social area. Without removing the moldy and algae covered joint sealant mechanically, the patented BMB method can be applied to achieve an in-depth microbiological top condition of all surfaces.

Even biofilm is removed!

Mold removal and complete algae elimination from fined exposed concrete stairs in the outside area. Due to the high penetration depth into the entire material, even ingrained algae infestations were sustainably removed.

With the complete extraction of all foreign organisms, the exposed concrete returned to its original appearance and is fit for the winter!

Mold removal from a painted living room ceiling due to a classic cold bridge.

After complete extraction of the mold pigments, the white wall paint returned to its original cleanliness.

Mold removal from a soaked exposed concrete ceiling painted in white.

The original wall paint could be completely maintained and paintwork was no longer necessary after mold removal.

Red algae removal from exposed concrete stairs in the outside area.

Mold removal in a bedroom (mountain farm) after taking away a wardrobe. Insufficient rear ventilation caused extensive mold formation in the cold-bridge area.

After mold removal, sections of the original paint (white) became visible again.

Complete de-mossing of an exposed concrete surface.

The area treated was microscopically examined and shows the surface texture after de-mossing.

Extensive mold formation above a panel-insulated cold-storage room.

Affected materials were wood, panels, exposed concrete and insulation materials.

Removal of red algae and ingrained mold at public baths and steam rooms.

Extraction of biofilm from surfaces in contact with skin.

Highly moss, algae and mold covered basement stairs. Detached house.

Detached house, old building

Moldy kitchen container (rock-wool, panels, sheet metal, load-bearing iron elements) after water damage.

The accredited microbiological findings after mold removal enabled a return to full operating capacity under hygienic conditions.

Full thermal insulation façade – With the complete removal of the undesired foreign pigments (e.g. black mold), the original light coloring can be restored without new painting for years.

Mold formation over the entire surface at an industrial company, glue-laminated beams (wood) and painted exposed concrete areas.

Food can now be produced under highest hygiene standards again!

Open brick wall, historical wine cellar.

With complete mold removal, permanent odor sealing against any foreign odors (e.g. moldy smell) can be ensured.

Wooden gate, winery
Juni 2014

Exposed concrete elements as parking lot barrier, industrial company

Concreted garden stairs in a shaded location, strongly algae covered

Extensive wall mold behind a wooden wardrobe due to insufficient rear ventilation

Wall mold near the floor after a flooding event, basement of a detached house

Removal of ingrained mold from fermenting baskets (bread making), materials: rattan, wood, metal

Sustainable mold removal from the window surrounds – triggered by a cold bridge, materials: plastered, painted wall and finishing acrylic

Complete black mold removal from cotton in contact with food

Removal of ingrained wall mold with algae elimination behind a kitchen unit after a flooding event


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