Advantages of the BMB procedure

The BMB method is the only method for mold removal from any materials worldwide. Mold removal means that any components of the wall mold are extracted from walls, masonry, wood, etc. in a dust-free and contactless manner.
The BMB method works with liquids, but cannot be compared with surface-disinfecting spraying methods, since the BMB method develops a worldwide-patented micromechanical effect in the materials treated.
There is complete ejection of all mold components, the liquids applied and accompanying organic substances.


• The mold/algae removal products are even approved for application in the food sector

• The pH value of the material remains unchanged

• In many cases, no reworking, like painting, plastering, chiseling, etc., is required

• Treatment of open brick walls and wine cellars with smell binding

• Destruction and ejection of the black color of the mold in/on the treated surfaces

• The entire mold material (mycelium) is reliably and completely removed from every material

• There are no residues of toxic microorganisms hazardous to health


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